Thursday, 2 January 2014

Start as I mean to go on

Blogging? What is blogging? Oh right that thing I used to do! Oooooooooops.
Happy New Year woooo hooo! 

My NY resolution is do more of the things that I enjoy and writing is one of them. But not just to write about my new mascaras and blushers but to write and discuss the things that interest and excite me. But as a self confessed beauty addict, of course there will still be all of the usual beauty and fashion on Keep it Chic.

My new year has got off to a fabulous start. I am now the proud mumma of a gorgeous little greyhound called Lola, who I can assure you will heavily feature on here. She is a little rascal but so beautiful and wonderfully natured. I have wanted a dog forever and am finally in a situation where buying a dog was feasible. She is going to be a huge commitment and has already changed my life. Getting up through the night to take her for “poos and wees” has been a bit of a shock! But worth the bags under my eyes.

Christmas was wonderful, Santa was a doll and spoilts me lots, with a kindle and lots of treats. We had a family meal at our house on Christmas day and then went out for a meal on boxing day at our favourite pub, delicious!

On a fashion note I have also acquired another designer bag! I feel like now I have Lola this will be the last for a while, but oh is it a beauty. After working hard for months on placement and saving up my pennies I treated myself to the Michael Kors Selma tote, swoon! This bag is perfect and I promise to do a post on it discussing the pros and cons at some point.

Heart shirt- New Look, pleather skirt- H&M, pointed courts- H&M, bag- Michael Kors.

I have also organised my first event at work which I was so proud of. It was only a wee one but it went very well and confirmed that I’m doing something I’m good at. With just three months until my placement assignment is due, uni is looming and it feels like  my grown up work bubble is about to burst.

I hope that your year has got off to a good start and best wishes and love for 2014 xxx

Saturday, 16 November 2013

An exciting week.

I’m a little scared at how quickly the weeks seem to be disappearing. I’m nearly three months into my placement and it’s a mere 6 weeks until Christmas, how has this happened?! I’ve had quite a lovely week with the chance to get glammed up twice. Firstly for my colleague’s wedding reception which was so beautifully decorated (event student remember!) and gave my work friends the chance to laugh at me try to do the Kaylee dance in 4 inch heels. I’m proud to say I managed to do-si-do, gallop and skip without injuring myself or any other guests, major life achievement.

Dress- H&M,
Nude pumps- Next,
Bracelet & watch- Swarovski

Earrings- vintage.

Next up was the 2013 county Sport Awards. Having refused to even try any sort of exercise since High School P.E, I thought this evening may be a little boring for myself and was only excited about getting to put on a dress. But it was amazing to see how committed and dedicated these people are and how much sport changes people’s lives. I was also very excited for the chance to meet Zac Purchase, one of the few Olympians I can name! 

 Holding Zac Purchase's silver medal, I was so excited as I can remember watching him win this!

Team snap, apologies for the blurry shot, it was taken very hurriedly!

Dress- H&M,
Pearl necklace- H&M,
Black bow pumps- New Look.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Best of both worlds.

A few months back I had a little hair switch up. Little being the operative word. I went for an ombre dip dye, left with lightened ends. Which I did really like but it was just too subtle for me. So I went back armed with photos of Zoella when she first dipped her hair and left very happy!

Now I get some people will be rolling their eyes, declaring ombre is so last year, but I still love it. My hair is quite long now with just long layers and a swept fringe, so I need something to give it a bit of texture. Being cursed with very pale skin I also find lightening my hair helps my complexion, Casper the ghost is not my style inspiration.

I would love to tell you exactly how my hairdresser Lucie achieved this hairstyle but it took four hours!!! A zillion foils, a few bowls of bleach and two blow dry’s later I was officially a semi-blonde.

F x